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Hello, I'm Neva a Certified Life Coach for Creative and Professional Women

Life is full of obstacles and opportunities. It is my  pleasure is to help you identify and figure out the  steps to overcome obstacles and chose opportunities  to advance to the lifestyle you desire and deserve! 

Be Your Best, Authentic Self

Coaching packages include individual, group and monthly programs

which can be done virtually or in person. 


“Oh my, I was so lost! I knew as soon as I met Coach in our Clarity session, this was the right fit for me! She helped me see that I have the ability to solve problems and set goals. I am getting better and speaking up for myself. As a nurse I always take care of others, now I am clear on why and how to take care of myself FIRST.”  


Centered in Christ: Steadfast & Immovable

Get your copy of this powerful, impactful, and life changing collection of devotionals that I contributed too. You will find, as you work your way through the various authors' writings, a specific devotional will speak to your specific need, at a specific time! It simply works that way when we are Centered In Christ!  

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Visionary Women
Moved by Purpose Not By Sight

Are you a visionary leader or woman who desires to live a purposeful and fulfilling life  of unwavering faith and confidence, no matter what? Are you going through a challenging moment in life and need the motivation, unwavering confidence and blueprint to navigate through steadily? Then, the Visionary Woman: Moved by Purpose, Not by Sight Bestselling Transformational Book is definitely your number choice!

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