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Have you experienced a place in life where you needed or wanted a little help? I walk with all creative and professional women who are blocked, stuck or feel in bondage because of the events of life.


Although I can help anyone, I am Neva, the Nurses' Coach! I say that because I am a nurse, and I get it! I help nurses live their "best life" in freedom and productivity.


Because of life's punches, I learned to live as an imposter, trying to hide "broken stuff" along the way. Broken emotionally, spiritually and psychologically; I was damaged by racial and gender inequity in the workplace. I fell into a financial pit because of financial illiteracy!


Today, I am no longer in bondage! I am FREE and anticipate walking with you to your place of freedom! 

Coaching & Consultations 

Coaching packages include individual, group and monthly programs which can be done virtually or in person. 


Please schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation below to decide which program is the best fit for you.

Clarity Chats

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Book now for a 30 minutes with Nurse Neva Diamond Coach where will discuss where you are now, identify conflicts and obstacles, and set a path to clarity.

Individual Coaching

Coaching session - discussion of progress, identify opportunities and action plan and review commitment. Customized to client coaching plan. May include: motivational interviewing/coaching, guided imagery/meditation instruction, action oriented strategies. Can be virtual or in person.

Group Coaching

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Group coaching activities vary on subject and duration.  Come and benefit from the support of your coach and peers.

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