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Are you a visionary leader or woman who desires to live a purposeful and fulfilling life  of unwavering faith and confidence, no matter what? Are you going through a challenging moment in life and need the motivation,, unwavering confidence and blueprint to navigate through steadily?

 Then, the Visionary Woman: Moved by Purpose, Not by Sight Bestselling Transformational Book is definitely your number choice!


You get the  unique privilege  and life-changing opportunity of encountering Nine Visionary Women,  World-class leaders  and positive role models, with One  Powerful Message:! A Timeless Message of Vision, Purpose, Hope, Tenacity, Resilience, Courage, Faith, and True Leadership.

 In this ground-breaking book, Leading Empowerment & Transformation Authority/  Visionary, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi collaborates with Neva Brooks and seven other remarkable visionary women to deliver a timeless  message of transformation and wisdom that will inspire and birth audacious visionaries and purpose-driven leaders of unwavering faith and confidence, who are not moved by sight or fear, but by conviction and purpose. Rekindle a renewed  desire and passion for purposeful living and success, especially in challenging times.


Visionary Woman

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